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New York’s Most Romantic Museums and Art Galleries

Facade and fountain of the Metropolitan museum of art at night in NYC

New York City, often dubbed as the “Art Capital of the World,” offers a scrunch of world-class museums and art galleries. They not only house some of the greatest art collections but also provide the perfect backdrop for a romantic, culture-filled date. (Who doesn’t like to get a little handsy in an art gallery). Here are some of the city’s most romantic museums and art galleries that will satiate your artistic cravings while setting the mood for some hotel lovin:

The Metropolitan Museum of Art (The Met)

The Met, one of the world’s largest and finest art museums, hosts an impressive collection spanning 5,000 years of world culture. From Ancient Egypt to modern art, it offers a captivating journey through art history. Don’t miss the opportunity to share a romantic moment at the museum’s beautiful rooftop garden, which offers stunning views of Central Park and the Manhattan skyline. It’s fun to dress like you are going to the MET Gala every time you visit.

Gorgeous couple at the MET

Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)

MoMA is known worldwide for its extraordinary exhibitions and collection of modern and contemporary art. Explore an array of paintings, sculptures, films, and design objects with your partner and be inspired by the creative expressions of renowned artists. The museum’s beautiful sculpture garden is an ideal spot to get a little handsy.

Guggenheim Museum

The Guggenheim Museum is not just a museum, but a work of art in itself. Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, its unique spiral design provides a unique backdrop for exploring the museum’s impressive collection of modern art. Make sure to pause at the top of the spiraling gallery ramp for a PDA.

Whitney Museum of American Art

This museum’s focus is on 20th- and 21st-century American art, with a particular emphasis on living artists. The Whitney’s outdoor spaces, with views of the Hudson River and Manhattan skyline, make it an ideal romantic stopover. Don’t forget to check out their famous Biennial exhibition, a trend-setting showcase of American contemporary art.

New Museum of Contemporary Art

If you and your partner are fans of cutting-edge contemporary art, the New Museum is a must-visit. And if you hate modern art then Iits innovative and thought-provoking exhibits are sure to set you off on an epic rant. The Sky Room, offering panoramic views of the city, is the perfect spot to culminate your visit.

The Frick Collection

You’ll fricken love this gallery. Housed in a former mansion, the Frick Collection includes a prestigious collection of old master paintings and European sculpture and decorative arts. The museum’s charming garden court, with its central fountain and lush greenery, offers a quiet and romantic oasis in the city.

New York City’s museums and art galleries offer a wealth of artistic experiences and provide the perfect setting for shared exploration and intimate moments (not to intimate though please). Take the time to enjoy these artistic gems and deepen your connection with your partner through the shared appreciation of art, or by making fun of modern art together.