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Romantic Day Trips from Milan: A Couple’s Guide

While Milan, with its cosmopolitan allure and cultural richness, is an enticing destination for couples, the surrounding regions also offer an abundance of romantic experiences. Here are our top suggestions for day trips from Milan:

Lake Como

Lake Como Italy
Lake Como Italy

Just an hour’s drive from Milan, the pristine beauty of Lake Como is a must-see. Take a romantic boat tour, visit the charming town of Bellagio, known as the pearl of the lake, and enjoy lunch with a view at one of the many lakeside restaurants.

Lake Garda

Panorama of the gorgeous Garda lake surrounded by mountains in autumn.

Another majestic lake, Lake Garda is the largest in Italy. Explore the picturesque towns that line its shores, take a dip in the crystal-clear waters, or enjoy a leisurely bike ride along the lakeside paths.


Beautiful sunset view of Verona
Beautiful sunset view of Verona

Known as the city of love, Verona is the setting of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Visit Juliet’s balcony, take a leisurely walk through the historic city center, and enjoy an open-air opera performance in the ancient Roman amphitheater.

Franciacorta Wine Region

Franciacorta, Brescia province in Lombardy district, Italy.
Franciacorta, Brescia province in Lombardy, Italy.

A trip to the Franciacorta wine region is an ideal choice for wine-loving couples. Discover this region’s famous sparkling wines through a guided tour, which includes tastings at various vineyards and a gourmet lunch.

Langhe Roero

The beautiful village of Serralunga d’Alba and its vineyards in the Langhe region of Piedmont, Italy.

Another gem for wine enthusiasts, the Langhe-Roero region is renowned for its Barolo and Barbaresco wines. Wander through the vineyards, explore the quaint villages, and sample the local delicacy – the white truffle.


Portofino, Italy, a picturesque fishing village with colorful houses and a small harbor
Portofino, Italy, a picturesque fishing village with colorful houses and a small harbor

Although a longer journey, a day trip to the beautiful coastal town of Portofino is well worth it. This glamorous fishing village offers panoramic views, luxury shopping, and a chance to unwind by the sea.


Bergamo, Italy.
Bergamo, Italy. the old town at sunrise.

Just a short train ride from Milan, the medieval city of Bergamo is rich in art, culture, and history. Visit the ancient city walls, explore the winding streets of the old town, and savor traditional Lombard dishes.

Remember, a day trip from Milan means a day of adventure and discovery, exploring Italy’s diverse landscape and rich history. Regardless of your chosen destination, these day trips offer a change of scenery and a chance to create shared memories that will last a lifetime.