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The Ultimate Couples Guide to Romantic Activities in Venice

Venice at night, Italy. Beautiful cityscape of Venice in evening.

Romantic escapes are synonymous with Venice, the city of love. From serenading gondola rides to mysterious alleyways, this ancient city is replete with romantic locales and activities. Here’s our ultimate guide to local romantic activities in Venice that are sure to ignite passion and romance during your stay.

Romantic Gondola Rides

Couple in Venice having a Gondola ride
Couple in Venice having a Gondola ride on canal grande

Start your romantic adventure with a quintessential gondola ride through the city’s tranquil canals. Glide under the famous Bridge of Sighs and indulge in the sheer magic of Venice’s serenity. Opt for a sunset ride for a truly romantic setting, enhanced by the city’s dreamy hues.

Visit The Bridge of Sighs

Bridge of sighs in Venice
Bridge of sighs in Venice, Italy

The Bridge of Sighs offers an intimate setting for couples. Legend has it that a kiss under this bridge at sunset during a gondola ride guarantees eternal love and bliss. Even a walk nearby and a shared glance through its ornate windows can evoke profound romantic feelings.

Dinner at a Canal-Side Restaurant

Naviglio Grande canal in Milan, Italy, on sunset
Naviglio Grande canal in Milan, Italy

There’s nothing more romantic than a candlelit dinner by the water. Venice has an abundance of restaurants with terraces overlooking the canals. Enjoy authentic Italian cuisine while you take in the mesmerizing view of the city lights reflected on the water.

Visit The Piazza San Marco at Night

Romantic Piazza San Marco at Night, Venice, Italy
Romantic Piazza San Marco at Night, Venice, Italy

Piazza San Marco is the heart of Venice, and visiting it at night can be an especially romantic experience. As the crowds thin out, stroll hand-in-hand under the moonlight, surrounded by the mesmerizing beauty of St. Mark’s Basilica and the Doge’s Palace. The soft music often playing in the square adds to the romantic ambiance.

Climb The Campanile di San Marco

Campanile di San Marco
Campanile di San Marco and Canal Grande in Venice, Italy

For a breathtaking view of the city, ascend the Campanile di San Marco. The panoramic vista of Venice’s red rooftops, intertwined canals, and distant islands is sure to make for an unforgettable moment.

Visit The Peggy Guggenheim Collection

Collection Peggy Guggenheim de Venise
Collection Peggy Guggenheim de Venise

If you and your partner share a love for modern art, visit the Peggy Guggenheim Collection. This museum, located in Peggy Guggenheim’s former home, houses an impressive collection of modern art pieces. Afterward, spend a quiet moment in the sculpture garden for a break from the bustling city.

Attend The Opera at Teatro La Fenice

Teatro La Fenice
Teatro La Fenice, “The Phoenix”, is one of the most famous and renowned landmarks in the history of Italian theatre

Wrap up your day with a visit to the beautiful Teatro La Fenice, one of Italy’s most famous and renowned opera houses. Dress in your finest and immerse yourselves in a night of culture and music.

Take a Trip to Burano Island

Burano Island Venice Italy
Burano Island Venice Italy

Just a short boat ride away from the city, Burano Island is a picturesque locale with its brightly colored houses and charming canals. Walk around this delightful island, known for its lace-making tradition. Don’t forget to stop for a lunch of fresh seafood at one of its quaint restaurants.

Visit Ca’ Macana Mask Shop

Famous venetian carnival masks store called Ca Macana
Famous venetian carnival masks store called Ca Macana.

Add an element of mystery and allure to your romantic getaway with a visit to the Ca’ Macana mask shop. Discover the art of traditional Venetian mask-making and even participate in a workshop to make your own. Wearing these masks, explore the city or attend one of Venice’s famous masquerade balls, creating unforgettable memories with your partner.

A trip to Venice can be as romantic as you make it. With its rich history, unique architecture, and mesmerizing canals, the city sets a perfect backdrop for love to blossom. Whether it’s a special occasion or simply a trip to reignite the spark, Venice will not disappoint.