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Seductively Romantic Luxury hotels in Verona

Verona Italy

Verona isn’t merely the backdrop for Romeo and Juliet; ‘The City Of Love’ is quite possibly the setting for the next chapter of your own love story. This lovely little city is absolutely crammed full of romantic hotels. ‘A UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of Northern Italy’s jewels, it is rich with artistic heritage, take in an Opera in the ancient Roman Arena. Ancient roman bridges arch across the Adige river, and your back will arch too in one of Verona’s sexiest hotels for couples. So come and experience the allure of one of Italy’s most enchanting cities, Verona where every corner, every stone, and every suite is steeped in romance.

Luxury Hotels for Couples in Verona

Vista Palazzo

Vista Palazzo, a romantic hotel in Verona, Italy

Positioned at the edge of fair Verona’s throbbing core, Vista Palazzo is a luxurious sanctuary of sophistication and sensual indulgence. The epitome of a romantic hotel in Verona, Vista Palazzo comes with a restaurant inside it. There’s also a magical terrace that offers a stage for starlit romances, and a luxurious spa offering a steamy place to soak away every tension. The concierge service can help you make the most of your stay exploring every crevice of this romantic city. Vista Palazzo is a short stroll from iconic landmarks like the Verona Arena, Via Mazzini, and Piazza Bra. It is the best hotel for couples in Verona.

NH Collection Palazzo Verona

NH Collection Palazzo Verona, romantic hotel in Verona, Italy.

Couples love Palazzo Verona, this 5 star romantic hotel is only 500m away from Juliet’s house. It’s a great location to explore all of Verona’s charms. Only a 5 minute walk from the opera at Verona Arena, a similar stroll to Castelvecchio Castle. Inside, the suites are beautifully decorated modern rooms come with hand-made furniture and opulent marble bathrooms. This is the perfect place for a romantic getaway in Verona.

Due Torri Hotel

Romantic Due Torri Hotel, Verona, Italy

Due Torri Hotel with its magnificent rooftop terrace offering magestical views of Verona’s historic heart is easily one of the most romantic hotels in Verona. Located next to the Church of Saint Anastasia it’s a short walk to notable landmarks such as Juliet’s balcony. Rooms and suites are large and luxurious with impressive marble bathrooms and wonderful antique furniture just begging to be used. Due Torri has an excellent restaurant, and a stunning lobby. It is an exceptional choice for a romantic trip to Verona.

Learn some Italian before you go.

Hotel Gabbia D’Oro

Hotel Gabbia D'Oro

Nestled in Verona’s pulsating Piazza delle Erbe, Hotel Gabbia D’Oro is a haven of romantic allure. This 18th-century sanctuary wraps you in luxury, with rooms adorned in antique furnishings and rich fabrics that whisper tales of yesteryears. Steps away from the sweet echoes of Juliet’s balcony, and within a leisurely amble to the ancient Verona Arena, the hotel is a dreamy backdrop for lovers on a romantic weekend away. With its cozy Orangerie and sumptuous marble details, Hotel Gabbia D’Oro is one of the most romantic hotels in Verona.

Opera Relais De Charme

Opera Relais De Charme, romantic accommodation in Verona.

Capturing the dramatic flair of Verona’s operatic history, Opera Relais De Charme offers a symphony of luxury and modernity in the very centre of the city. Each studio and apartment within this exquisite property is a masterpiece, designed with themes of timeless operas and equipped with sleek furniture that sings comfort. Just a tender whisper away from the grand Verona Arena, guests find themselves wrapped in the city’s cultural embrace.

With the convenience of a kitchenette for intimate breakfasts, every stay promises an overture of romance. Overlooking the vibrant Viale Mazzini, this retreat is also a pas de deux from Juliet’s Balcony, igniting the spark of Shakespearean passion in its air. Ideal for love-struck duos, Opera Relais De Charme stands out as a strikingly romantic hotel in Verona, where every detail is in perfect harmony with the city’s romantic legacy.

Hotel Accademia

Hotel Accademia Verona Italy

Deep in the very centre of of Verona, a mere stone’s throw from the hallowed Verona Arena, Hotel Accademia whispers of past operatic glories and Shakespearean romances. Here, each room sings of comfort and luxury, offering couples an intimate stage set with plush amenities and the gentle hum of modern conveniences. Mornings begin with a curated buffet of delights, ensuring that every day starts with a note of indulgence. Just a heartbeat away from Juliet’s storied balcony, the Hotel Accademia beckons lovers to craft their own timeless tale in the very cradle of romance.



Tucked away within Verona’s enchanting maze of streets, PALAZZO RISTORI emerges as a romantic sanctuary. Couples are swept into a world where modern amenities are thoughtfully interwoven with Verona’s timeless charm. The accommodations whisper luxury with their understated elegance and full complement of conveniences, ensuring a stay that’s both pampering and romantic. With sumptuous beds, each suite invites guests to linger longer in the tranquility of their private space, while the fully equipped kitchen beckons with the promise of intimate breakfasts and leisurely evening toasts. The terrace, a tranquil spot amidst Verona’s rooftops, offers a perfect backdrop for moments of togetherness. Steps from the vibrant heart of Verona, yet hidden away enough to promise serenity, romantic hotel PALAZZO RISTORI is a celebration of love and luxury, tailor-made for couples on a quest for romance in the city of love.

Hotel Colomba d’Oro

Romantic Hotel Colomba d'Oro, Verona, Italy

Just a brief 150-meter stroll from the iconic Verona Arena, Hotel Colomba d’Oro is a gem within the historic center and stands as a testament to the city’s past, nestled in a beautifully restored medieval convent. This establishment is renowned as a romantic hotel in Verona, offering guests air-conditioned rooms that blend modern amenities, with classic décor.

Patrons can indulge in a sumptuous buffet breakfast amid the historic charm of mosaics and stone walls. Its proximity to the Palazzo della Gran Guardia and the gentle Adige River banks adds to the hotel’s appeal for couples seeking the quintessential romantic Verona experience.

The rooms offer tranquility and comfort with soundproof windows, and luxurious private marble bathrooms, ensuring a stay that is both romantic and restful. The hotel’s location in the heart of Verona places guests within arm’s reach of a selection of the city’s finest restaurants.

For couples in search of a romantic getaway, Hotel Colomba d’Oro represents the ideal marriage of Verona’s historic allure and the indulgent comforts of a contemporary romantic hotel.

Boutique Hotel Scalzi 

Adults only Boutique Hotel Scalzi in Verona Italy

Hotel Scalzi is an affordable romantic hotel in Verona, with elegantly furnished rooms just 500 meters from the city center and the iconic Verona Arena. An adults only hotel, it’s the perfect base for couples to explore the enchanting streets and historical sights. Each room provides modern comforts and a cozy atmosphere for a couple’s retreat. Hotel Scalzi is sexiest affordable hotel in Verona for those who seek both adventure and intimacy on a budget.

Hotel Indigo Verona – Grand Hotel Des Arts

Hotel Indigo Verona - Grand Hotel Des Arts, an IHG Hotel

Hotel Indigo Verona – Grand Hotel Des Arts captures the essence of romance and elegance in its seamless blend of historical grace and modern comfort, a leisurely 5-minute stroll from the throbbing centre of Verona’s historic district. With its roots as a residence for Austrian nobility, the hotel boasts a grandeur that is complemented by antique furnishings and contemporary art, crafting a setting that marries of old-world charm and new-age sophistication. Ideal for romantic getaways, Grand Hotel Des Arts stands out one of the sexiest mis priced hotels in Verona.

Hotel Giberti & Spa

Hotel Giberti & Spa, Verona Italy

Tucked between Verona’s Arena and the Porta Nuova Station, Hotel Giberti & Spa is a an excellent hotel for couples. Elegant rooms offer a blend of comfort and sophistication, with the added indulgence of a spa retreat to get a little steamy after a day exploring Verona’s streets. The hotel’s terrace is an idyllic backdrop for evening aperitifs, enveloped in the city’s enchanting ambiance. Ideal for couples, this romantic hotel in Verona promises a stay as memorable as the city’s timeless love stories.

Why couples love coming to Verona.

There are two big romantic attractions in Verona. The first thing that makes couples come to Verona is that it’s the setting for Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. So if you love the theatre, Juliet’s balcony is a must do activity for couples in Verona.

Juliet's Balcony, Verona.

The other thing that makes people come, is Veronas opera season. The Arena di Verona, is filled almost every night. After each magnificent performance has reached its crescendo couples slowly dribble out. Some head back to their hotels to, but others enter the cities many great bars and restaurants instead. Verona has a lot of romantic little eateries for adventurous couples tucked in dark alleys, or even right in the main square Piazza delle Erbe. There are many wonderful activities for couples in Verona.