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Romantic Getaway Hotels & Lodges in the Bay of Islands

Once known as the Hellhole of the Pacific, the Bay of Islands was full of drunken whalers, bars, and prostitutes. Of course, these days, there are far fewer whalers.

But, as it’s a popular romantic getaway from Auckland, it still has a reputation for good times. Gone are the brothels that once lined the shores of this beautiful bay. Now, the Bay of Islands is lined with romantic hotels, flashing their neon signs and beckoning you to come inside.

The Bay of Islands is a stunning destination, known for its picturesque beaches, crystal clear waters, and lush greenery. It’s the perfect place for couples to escape and reconnect, surrounded by natural beauty and serenity.

Whether you’re looking for a luxurious hotel, a cozy bed and breakfast, or a secluded hideaway, we’ve got you covered. Our selection of romantic hotels in the Bay of Islands is sure to impress, offering a wide range of amenities and services to make your stay even more special. We’ve also curated a list of the best hotels for couples in the Bay of Islands, so you can be sure to find the perfect place to suit your needs and budget.

But it’s not just about the hotels, the Bay of Islands is home to many romantic things to do. From sunset cruises to romantic walks on the beach, the Bay of Islands is brimming with possibilities for couples. So why wait? Book your romantic escape in the Bay of Islands today and let us help make your love story even more special. And don’t forget to check out our list of the best hotels for couples in the Bay of Islands and start planning your romantic getaway now!

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The Best Hotels for Couples in Bay of Islands

Eagles Nest

Perched high on a hilltop in Russell, overlooking the magnificent Bay of Islands, is Eagles Nest. This highly exclusive and incredibly romantic lodge has a reputation for being one of New Zealand’s best couples retreats. With stunning views and total privacy, it’s fantastic for ‘sun-loving’ couples. And, they offer every convenience, if you want a massage by the pool that’s no problem.

Donkey Bay Inn

Donkey Bay Inn is famous for its stunning views of the Bay of Islands, but with huge mirrors positioned on both sides of this giant circus tent of a bed, you’ll find the views inside the room just as magnificent.

This romantic adults-only hotel in the Bay of Islands is the perfect place for a dirty weekend, a wedding anniversary, a honeymoon, or a torrid affair.

Cloud 9

Just look at that magnificent view! Cloud 9 must have one of the most romantic hot tubs anywhere. Pop a bottle of bubbles and enjoy the sunset in this stunning location. This is an exceptionally romantic couples escape in the Bay of Islands.

The Lodge at Kauri Cliffs

This magnificent world-class golf course, luxury lodge, and spa is quite possibly the perfect romantic getaway for golfers. The Lodge at Kauri Cliffs is super classy and very exclusive, it a popular place to escape for the weekend.

Paihia Beach Resort & Spa Hotel

Romantic hotels don’t have to cost the earth; Paihia Beach Resort & Spa Hotel is an excellent option for a reasonably priced dirty weekend in the Bay of Islands. Frankly, it’s a pretty sweet setup, right on the beach with everything you need for a romantic weekend away, including a pool and hot tub. And, cost-wise, it’s affordable for the average New Zealand couple. Especially in comparison to the prices at our other romantic hotels in the Bay of Islands.

The Duke Of Marlborough

The Duke Of Marlborough is a fabulously romantic hotel right on the waterfront in Russell. Make sure you splash out and get a room with a view, ideally a balcony too. They are so romantic on a hot summer night, looking out at the lights on the boats moored in the bay.